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2023-2024 Athletic Schedules

View schedules for Central Winter Sports. Please note this is an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs (at the bottom) for different sports schedules. Go Spartans! 

Bell Schedules: 2023-2024

Below, please find the bell schedules for the 2023-2024 school year.  

Daily Schedule

Period Time
Advisory 8:20-8:31
1 8:35-9:17
2 9:21-10:03
3 10:07-10:49
4 10:53-11:35
5 11:39-12:21
6 12:25-1:07
7 1:11-1:53
8 1:57-2:39
9 2:43-3:25


Extended Advisory Schedule

Period Time
Advisory 8:20-8:31
1 8:35-9:12
2 9:16-9:53
3 9:57-10:34
SEL 10:38-11:15
4 11:19-11:56
5 12:00-12:37
6 12:41-1:18
7 1:22-1:59
8 2:03-2:42
9 2:46-3:25

Visitor Procedures

Visitors to Central School 

1.  Access to Central School is limited to individuals with previously scheduled appointments.  Access to Central School without a previously scheduled appointment is not permitted.   

2.  If you do have a previously scheduled appointment, please proceed to the main door on Greenwood and ring the doorbell. When prompted, please share the details of your visit.  When access is granted, for the safety of the school, do not invite other individuals into the building with you.

3.  When you enter, be prepared to present your driver’s license to our school secretary.  You will be screened and given a visitor’s badge to wear.  The staff member you are meeting with will collect you in our office and escort you to the meeting location. 

4.  Upon the conclusion of your meeting, a staff member will escort you back to the office.  You will return your visitor’s badge and your driver’s license will be returned before exiting via the main entrance.  


Late Item Drop Off

All drop off will occur in the vestibule. Thank you for your assistance to limit this to only mandatory items. This will allow our staff to keep our focus on the needs within the school. If you must drop off a lunch or required item for your child please follow the steps below:

1.  If you are dropping off a late lunch, please place the lunch in the appropriate grade level bin on the table in the foyer.  Late lunches are brought to the cafeteria at 10:00 am.  

2.  All other drop off items should be placed in a cubby in the foyer.  

3.  Please note that the Central School office staff does not call classrooms to announce the arrival of late items.  





Carline Procedures 

Drop Off Procedures 

1.  Beginning at the intersection of Greenwood and Hazel, cars should form one drop off line on the west side of Greenwood.

2.  Cars entering the drop off line from Hazel must obey the stop sign and then turn left and enter the west lane of Greenwood.  

3.  All students should be dropped off in between the designated drop off area in front of the main doors. 

4.  When dropping off, please pull up to the furthest spot possible within the green cones.  When you can’t pull up any further, your child should exit and proceed to their assigned entry door (5th Grade – South door on Greenwood, 6th Grade – Main door on Greenwood, 7th Grade – North Door by the basketball court, 8th Grade – Recess door by our North Field).

5.  Please have your child ready to immediately exit from the right side of the vehicle on the west side of Greenwood Avenue in between the designated drop off area.  Children should never exit from the driver’s side since vehicles depart on the east side of Greenwood Avenue.

6.  Only the west side of Greenwood Avenue should be utilized until your child has exited your vehicle.  Please do not cut from the east side to the west side to drop off your child.  If you do this, it means you have not properly merged in the drop off line.


Pickup Procedures 

1.  When picking up children from Central School, use the right lane only on Greenwood Avenue. 

2.  Move your car as far south as possible on Greenwood Avenue when waiting for your child.

3.  As the car in front of you moves forward or enters the exit lane, pull forward to keep the pickup line moving as far south as possible. 

4.  Use the left lane only for exiting the area.

5.  Please do not park your vehicle on Hazel Avenue.  

6.  When waiting for your child to exit the school building, do not block crosswalks or local driveways, or leave your car unattended. 


Thank you for your help with drop off and pickup procedures to ensure all students and drivers are safe.