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Welcome to the Central Music Department

Our Philosophy
  • Build confidence through skill development
  • Build a sense of belonging through positive group dynamics and a shared aesthetic experience
  • Create an appreciation for music as a fundamental part of humanity
  • Enhance cultural understanding and acceptance both past and present
  • Develop mental, physical, social and musical skills that will last a lifetime
Performance Attire Requirement

It is important for the students to dress appropriately for concerts because it makes them look professional and brings an element of seriousness to the performance. We strive to teach the students that an audience can and will make judgements of an ensemble when they first see the performers and how they present themselves. We want the students to look the part.

  • Boys- Black slacks, black shoes, black socks, nice white shirt (polo shirt, button down shirt). Please no white T-shirts.
  • Girls- Black bottoms (black skirts need to be knee length or longer), nice white shirt, black dress shoes.
Students will be graded on their participation and performance in band class and required events. The most important thing is for students to come to band class prepared each day. This includes all music, books, and required accessories for the student’s instrument. Students who repeatedly come to class unprepared will have a low band grade. Playing and written tests will also be given frequently. Each student will also be expected to turn in a practice chart weekly. Because this is a performance-based class, students who continually misbehave and disrupt learning will also see their grade negatively affected.
The Chorus student’s grade will be based on the following elements:
  • Participation in class
  • Music Theory book
  • Music Theory tests
  • Concert attendance
  • Singing test

When the students take the singing test, they record themselves singing into the computer while the rest of the class sings the piece we are currently working on. The students are graded on breathing, using tall vowels, singing with a free, clear and relaxed tone, and singing the correct pitches for their voice part.

Protect your child’s hearing!!

It is extremely important to protect your children’s hearing while they’re young. We recommend that they wear earplugs when the play their band instruments. Sensaphonics (a Chicago company) specializes in musician’s earplugs. Mrs. Hanna & Mr. Pickett wear musician’s earplugs. We recommend that our students wear the ER-20 universal earplug. They are $12 a pair. For more information please visit: Sensaphonics. You can also find these at the local Guitar Center in Highland Park.