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Digital Citizenship

Internet Safety

As specified under Illinois School Code, all school districts must incorporate Internet Safety lessons in the curriculum. In District #35, our Internet Safety curriculum is taught in grades K-12! Our curriculum covers....

  • Protect your password
  • Protect your online identity and avoid sharing personal information
  • Responsibly use forms of online communication (social networking sites, chat rooms, messaging, etc)
  • Recognize and report inappropriate online communication
  • Recognize, avoid and report cyberbullying
  • Recognize and understand the emotional and legal ramifications of immoral or illegal activities online
  • Evaluate websites for validity and safety
  • Respect and follow copyright laws
  • Properly cite resources


Authorized User Policy

Each 5th and 7th grader at Central signs a new AUP (Authorized User Policy) each September. If you need an additional copy, click on the links below.

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