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Congrats Graduates

We are immensely proud of our Class of 2024, who officially graduated on June 6. As we celebrate the conclusion of this school year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our parents and staff for their support. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on August 27 for another successful year ahead.

Project Welcome Fifth Grade

Dr. Mollet, the Principal of Central School, along with the District 35 staff, welcomed the parents of incoming 5th graders. They provided an opportunity for parents to tour classrooms, meet teachers, and collect essential resources for their children. Our aim is to ensure a smooth transition for our students as they adapt to their new learning environment.


At Central School, middle school students, wearing safety glasses, observed the solar eclipse as the moon obscured the sun. This hands-on experience highlights our commitment to advanced learning and innovation, making complex astronomical concepts engaging and understandable.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is embedded in every aspect of our students' experiences to support their emotional and academic success. Our "Spartans in Action" document captures our core beliefs in fostering a nurturing environment where supporting one another is the foundation of growing every heart and mind.

Homework Hangout

The Crawford Learning Center (CLC) offers students the opportunity to choose and explore topics beyond their standard curriculum. It supplies a variety of resources and information that meet the educational interests and needs of the students.

Celebrating Music 

Congratulations to our 6th grade musicians who showcased their talents in their winter concert. Thank you to our music teachers Ms. Drafta, Ms. Hanna, Ms. Loos, and Mr. Pickett for their work in organizing the event. Music is an integral part of our strategic plan in advancing teaching and learning. 

The Art of Argument

The Central School Debate team participated in its first meet of 2023-24 season at New Trier's Northfield campus. D35 brought ten Novice and three Varsity teams, totaling thirty-seven student participants. We competed against approximately 100 other debaters taking second in Varsity and taking second in Novice. 

Cultural Appreciation through Art

Eighth grade students sculpt sugar skulls in art. These are a cultural representation of those used in Dia de los Muertos. This hands-on activity not only enhances their artistic skills but also deepens their appreciation of this significant cultural tradition. 


Our school's culture fosters an environment conducive to shared learning experiences. In sixth grade, students work together on social studies projects, delving into class hierarchy in ancient civilizations.


Central students participate in PE class daily. Incorporating movement throughout the day supports the health and wellness of our students and aligns with our strategic goals. 



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Celebrating Our Community

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In the late 1970’s, the Glencoe Board of Education chose to reorganize the district from four neighborhood schools to three age-centered buildings. 

District 35 educates the whole child to...

…maximize creative and critical thinking skills.
…fully challenge and realize physical, social, and cognitive abilities.
…nurture unique learning styles, interests, strengths, and pace.
…provide a solid foundation for the next phase of education and for learning throughout life.

Celebrating Our Community

District 35 views education as experiences best served by coordinated efforts of parents and the school staff.  Parent involvement through generous support of the Glencoe PTO, volunteers in classrooms and ongoing communication with teachers and school personnel are welcomed and encouraged.  Teachers in grade level and/or subject area teams work closely side-by-side in their planning, decision-making, implementation, and assessment.  Together, we nurture our greatest natural resource – our children.

Growing Every Heart and Mind

The District 35 curriculum is broadly based, reflecting an interest in the academic, social, emotional, artistic, and physical development of children. Problem-solving and decision-making are encouraged through the curriculum and informal situations, such as recess or class meetings in the lower grades and integrated activities at the upper levels.