Monday, August 3, 2020

Kindness Connection

On November 25th and 26th, all South School students engaged in a service-learning project created by The Kindness Connection. Each student created a present for a resident at a senior center - a vase and decorative pen.  Students discussed volunteerism in the classroom and then put their compassionate and creative skills into creating a gift for a senior. 

There are wonderful benefits to volunteering for both the volunteer and the community. Children who volunteer go on to be more giving of their time and resources as an adult, develop empathy skills of those around them, help create a kinder, more inclusive school setting, and have an increase in self-esteem.

How can you reinforce your child’s volunteer experience?
• Ask your child how it felt to be a volunteer?
• Ask your child where and to whom the “gifts of the heart” will be donated?
• Discuss ways to be a volunteer in the community.
• Share your experiences and feelings about being a volunteer
• Visit The Kindness Connection website for ideas and projects to continue the volunteer experience.
• Volunteer! Allow your children to see you modeling these skills too.

We thank the Glencoe PTO for partnering with South School for this important learning opportunity.