Monday, July 13, 2020

Growing in District 35

October 25, 2019

The school year is underway and our students are flourishing across the grade levels! In addition to settling into the routines of the classroom and schools, our students have taken steps to engage beyond the walls of our school. Our teachers strive to make meaning beyond the text or classroom experiences and consider ways to support the growth of the whole child. How may we engage our students in our community?  Each school considers age-appropriate ways for our students to participate in civic engagement.

South School: You will find our students practicing healthy recycling behaviors in the lunchroom. We are thankful for the support of our PTO parent volunteers as we continue routines for sorting our recycling and landfill materials from our lunch. The students are engaging in these routines and also supporting upcycling behaviors as they sort items to be returned to TerraCycle in their classroom and lunchroom.

West School: In addition to continuing the lunchroom behaviors learned at South, the West School students have engaged in our community as they support the harvests from the West School garden.  Classes have taken ownership of the garden beds and several loads of harvested veggies have been shared with the Glencoe Community Garden for outreach in the Chicago area.

Central School:  Our 6th-grade students have taken an even more active role in our community as students visited the Glencoe Community Garden and participated in harvest activities. The students learned about the garden work, including composting, bed preparation, and deadheading flowers to store seeds for future planting.  The students thoroughly enjoyed learning about the newest addition to the Garden, the Power Tower. The 15 foot high tower demonstrated three alternative energy sources: wind, solar and human power.  A vertical axis wind generator, adjustable solar panels and a stationary bicycle driving hand made generators will be used to power a series of pumps in the hydroponic garden. In addition, the stored energy may also power lighting and a water feature in the Garden’s meditation circle. 

We value these opportunities to learn beyond the walls of our classrooms. Thank you to our teachers and community partners (Glencoe Community Garden, the Glencoe PTO, and SWANCC) for supporting these opportunities for civic engagement.