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We are pleased to share this section of our website with a quarterly focus on a curricular topic. Learn more about our initiatives and consider ideas to strengthen the home|school connection to our learning outcomes.

Sustainability in our Schools

Educating children about sustainability is crucial to their understanding of the world around them. Across District 35, students engage with a number of environmental issues through interactive activities.

This fall West School Students participated in a Innovation STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) challenge to reduce food waste in the cafeteria. This cross-curricular activity incorporated Math, Social Studies, Science, and school-wide Green initiatives. Students collaborated to share ideas and engineer prototypes to reduce food waste in the lunchroom. Students created advertisements, games, composting bins, food savers, drone prototypes and more. During the process, students researched and learned about composting, how food decomposes, greenhouse gas, and food waste. Information on the STEAM challenge was shared with the Board of Education in December.

Click here to view the presentation shared with our Board of Education in December.

During the winter months, our 6th grade students will be investigating the phenomena of Earth’s vanishing ice. Students will explore how the increases in carbon dioxide and methane correlate with increases in energy absorbed by the surface and increases in temperature. Students will be working to answer the following questions:

- Why is the ice on Earth’s surface melting?
- Why do temperatures on Earth increase when the amount of carbon dioxide or methane in the Earth system increases?
- What can be done to stop the carbon dioxide and methane in Earth’s atmosphere from increasing?

Towards the end of the unit, students will apply what they learn to a new question—How is Earth’s climate affected in the five to ten years after a large volcanic eruption? Finally students will work to engineer and design rooftops for sustainable cities.

Sustainability education is engaging and empowering for students. It allows them to take responsibility for their actions and to contribute to a sustainable future. Please consider ways to engage as a family and refine your practices at home.

- Consider a family day to volunteer at the Glencoe Community Garden
- Participate in the Inaugural Compost Challenge at the garden.

Glencoe District 35 Mission Statement

The mission of the Glencoe School District is to provide each child with an educational foundation for life-long learning as a socially responsible member of a global society by dedicating resources toward the development of the whole child within a secure school environment.

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