Monday, January 30, 2023

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We are pleased to share this section of our website with a quarterly focus on a curricular topic. Learn more about our initiatives and consider ideas to strengthen the home|school connection to our learning outcomes.

A Summer of Inspirational Math

This summer, 45 teachers across District 35 completed a 30-hour Stanford University course called Mathematical Mindsets. The course was developed by Dr. Jo Boaler, Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University. Throughout the course, our teachers discussed and reflected on the following:

1. Brain science around brain plasticity, mindset and smart and gifted labels
2. Setting up a math class that includes conceptual learning, low floor high ceiling tasks, number talks and making conjectures
3. The importance of visualizing mathematical ideas
4. The importance of struggle, challenge and mistakes for brain growth
5. Lesson planning for important mathematical ideas
6. The best ways to group students for productive mathematical discussions

Throughout the course of the school year, District 35 teachers will join together to discuss key ideas from the course. As we move forward, our goal is to help students think freely about mathematics and encourage important brain growth and learning. Our teachers will be reflecting on many parts of their teaching – including how students sit, record ideas, learn new ideas, discuss mathematical concepts, and how long students spend on tasks.

To learn more information about the work of Dr. Jo Boaler, please visit the YouCubed site. Additionally, Dr. Boaler's 2017 TedTalk is included below.

Glencoe District 35 Mission Statement

The mission of the Glencoe School District is to provide each child with an educational foundation for life-long learning as a socially responsible member of a global society by dedicating resources toward the development of the whole child within a secure school environment.

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