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We are pleased to share this section of our website with a quarterly focus on a curricular topic. Learn more about our initiatives and consider ideas to strengthen the home|school connection to our learning outcomes.

Word Study in Glencoe District 35

Word study is an approach to spelling and word knowledge that is based on strong research and allows teachers to provide efficient and effective instruction in phonics, spelling and vocabulary that fits each student’s needs. Word study teaches students to observe words and discover their patterns and conventions in order to read, write, and spell. It places more emphasis on learning activities that encourage curiosity about words and systematically build a child’s competence and confidence. As children learn more about words, they can apply what they know about familiar words to the unknown words they encounter in their everyday reading and writing.

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade are given weekly word study instruction at their level and asked to practice at their instructional level throughout the school week. Reinforcing word study at home is a wonderful way to support your child as a reader and writer. Below is a parent resource guide that you can use to help support word study activities at home as well demonstration videos showing different types of words sorts.

Click here to view and print the Parent Resource Card. This card has information on each sort as well as parent prompting questions.

Demonstration Videos
1. How to do a Closed Sort.
2. How to do a Speed Sort.
3. How to do a Blind Sort.
4. How to do a Written Sort.

Glencoe District 35 Mission Statement

The mission of the Glencoe School District is to provide each child with an educational foundation for life-long learning as a socially responsible member of a global society by dedicating resources toward the development of the whole child within a secure school environment.

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