Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra

Music in our Schools Concert:  Chorus and Orchestra



  We are pleased to share that our students are able to use text messaging to reach out for help for themselves or friends at any time of day or night. Text-a-Tip allows students to find anonymous, immediate help if they are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, depression, difficult family situations, bullying, or any of the many challenges they face today. Text-A-Tip is staffed with local counselors provided by LEAD (Linking Efforts Against Drugs), a non-profit organization focused on promoting healthy family relationships and preventing alcohol and drug use and other risky behaviors by youth.

For additional information about Text-A-Tip, please click here.


Our school is implementing E-Learning starting Monday, March 16.  To allow for the continuation of academic instruction, our teachers will be sharing assignments and activities that can be completed over the course of the week.  Teachers will be sharing expectations via email and/or by posting assignments on Schoology or Google Classroom.  If students have questions about any assignment, they can simply email their teacher.  Mr. Pituc ( will also be available via email to help with any technology-related questions.

Concussion Information and Agreement to Participate

Central School offers two types of athletic opportunities.  The first is through our interscholastic sports program. This program consists of formal school sponsored teams in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field and cross country.  Central School also offers an intramural sports program that includes a variety of activities that meet before or after school. Our intramural sports program is open to all Central School students.  Beginning this year, we are asking that all families read the attached “Agreement to Participate” and have your child return page 5 to his or her advisor. The reason we are adding this requirement is to raise awareness of the possible impact of a concussion, as well as our District’s concussion protocol.  

Within this “Agreement to Participate” you will find general athletic participation information, Board policy information, as well as facts about concussion symptoms and prevention.  This agreement also notes a mandated protocol that requires any student who exhibits signs and symptoms of a concussion be removed from participation or competition immediately.  Any student athlete removed from participation or competition due to a possible concussion may not return to play until authorized by a physician or a certified trainer.  Please inform our school nurse, Susan Ross, if your child’s physician diagnoses or suspects a concussion that occurred outside of school, as a specific “return to learn” plan is necessary.  

Central School Clubs for 2019 – 2020

Please click here for a list of Central School’s clubs.  There is no need to register.

Service Animals

This school year, a service dog will be supporting a member of our Central School community. The service dog has undergone extensive training to meet the specific needs related to the student whom they support. Service dogs are recognized as an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Should you have any questions please contact Valerie Lamberti (, Director of Pupil Services.

Carline Procedures

Morning Drop Off Procedures

1.    Beginning at the intersection of Greenwood and Hazel, cars should form one drop off line on the west side of Greenwood.
2.    Cars entering the drop off line from Hazel must obey the stop sign and then turn left and enter the west lane of Greenwood.  Cones will be added to prevent cars from turning left and entering the east lane of Greenwood.
3.    All students should be dropped off in between the designated drop off area in front of the main doors. 
4.    When dropping off, please pull up to the furthest spot possible within the green cones.  When you can’t pull up any further, your child should exit and proceed to their preferred entry door. 
5.    Only the west side of Greenwood should be utilized until your child has exited your vehicle.  Please do not cut from the east side to the west side to drop off your child.  If you do this, it means you have not properly merged in the drop off line. 
6.    Please consider dropping your child off a bit earlier as this will reduce the congestion that begins around 8:10 every morning. 

Afternoon Pickup Procedures

1.    When picking up children from Central School, use the right lane only on Greenwood Avenue.
2.    Move your car as far south as possible on Greenwood Avenue when waiting for your child.
3.    As the car in front of you moves forward or enters the exit lane, pull forward to keep the pickup line moving as far south as possible. 
4.    Use the left lane only for exiting the area.
5.    Do not park your vehicle on Hazel Avenue. 
6.    When waiting for your child to exit the school building, do not block crosswalks or local driveways.
7.    Do not use or block the fire lane or leave your car unattended.

Alternatives to Consider:
1.    If possible, have your child walk or bike to school.  Safe Routes
2.    Identify an alternative location that is not directly in front of Central School to drop off or pick up your child.
3.    If possible, avoid turning south on Greenwood off of Hazel, as this creates difficulty entering the drop off/pick up lane.

Thank you for your help with the morning drop off and afternoon pickup procedures to ensure all students and drivers are safe.